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Dec 10, 2013 7:00am PST
nelson mandela. i think that when president obama spoke he spoke to them as a son of africa. at least he got one of the biggest responses because the rain was making it very difficult for most of the speakers to be heard, so people were dancing and cheering and just not really paying a whole lot of attention. but when he spoke, they began to listen and began to cheer. i can only attribute that to the feeling that most africans have, that he is a son of africa. >> and, mayor, you've met nelson mandela on a couple of occasions. president obama also said that we will never see the likes of nelson mandela again. is he right? >> i think so in a physical sense, but perhaps in this sense of not only spirituality but in the sense of presence and the times in which he led. like gandhi, like king, like lincoln, nelson mandela lived through trials and tribulations and suffered mightily for what his views were yet emerged to be recognized not only as a great leader of south africa, but we see from the tribute, 90 world leaders, four u.s. presidents. the tribute to him is memorable. i cannot remember
Dec 6, 2013 7:00am PST
know, a young obama having a political awakening found his activism in the movement sparked by the people in the united states and around the world who were using boycotts and such to fight south africa. >> and they met, as we said, and there's just that one picture i think it was snapped by his driver in 2005. he's a senator from illinois. look at that. >> it's an interesting back story, because i -- the man who took it david cats traveled around all the time with him, but he's a very good photographer and always kept a camera with him and would go to other things. new to take wla would became historic pictures. that photo you showed of a silhouetted obama, it was right next to his desk. >> you know, this photograph, we are told ended up on the desk both of president obama in the white house and of nelson mandela in his office back in south africa. we all know that this past summer when nelson mandela fell ill for the last time, president obama had a trip scheduled to that part of the world. he they did not meet but he did go inside his cell in robben island. here's what he wrote.
Dec 9, 2013 7:00am PST
, bringing car crashes, cancelled flights and chaos, and it's not over yet. >>> president obama is in the air right now headed to south africa to honor nelson mandela. security is tight as the soccer stadium there hosts dozens of the most important world leaders. >>> mary landrieu cast the deciding vote for obama care. >> southern democrats under attack. could republicans turn the state red by picking off a few vulnerable dems? good morning, i'm chris jansing. washington lawmakers getting close to something that almost never happens these days, a deal. they're headed back to d.c. right now to hammer out the details, but this budget agreement may not be much to write home about. the "washington post" basically called the agreement a cease-fire. we don't know many of the details but it's no grand bargain. it doesn't deal with entitlements, the debt or tax reform and probably won't completely fix the sequester, but aides for senator patty murray and congressman paul ryan, the budget chairs working on the deal are at least determined to keep the government open and they think they can get the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3